Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Underworld Concepts

Here's another Underworld painting and a sketch for the Kraken (also tenderly referred to as "The Underpus" by fans on the TR forums)


Paul J. Sullivan said...

cool dood! I love your art it's siiiick! Glad you posted that temple one, it was always one of my favorites!

AstonishRyan said...

duude i played through those stages already! niice

Genevieve Tsai said...

Ben, your illustrations are SO amazing it makes me cry!!! I love all your work--that Kraken kicks so much ass and that temple is insane!! Incredible detail and awesome designs!!

Thanks for checking up on my blog. I'm flattered you still drop by! I'm still busy working on a side project I'm almost done with. Hopefully I can post it soon!

Hope all is well!


Joshua James said...

reallly cool stuff!

Jeremy D said...

AH. that beautiful texture makes my brain melt. so good.