Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Unreal Tech Demo

Here is something I worked on recently. Congrats to the super talented mofos I work with at Epic Games on pushing what's possible in realtime rendering using the Unreal Engine! This is a little glimpse of the future of the game industry, showing the level of ingame graphics developers will hopefully be able to accomplish on the next generation of consoles. Check it out here:

I designed the badguys and the hobo they are beating up, as well a bunch of the signage and some other random stuff.

...and here is a video in which IGN breaks down some of the new tech and features we implemented in the Unreal Engine if you are interested in that geeky stuff and want to know what's under the hood :)


Ben Greene said...

Nice...Are you going to be able to post your characters as well?

Everyone at the studio was buzzing about the tech updates today. Very awesome stuff!

Anonymous said...

nice work! I cant wait to see more up here!

Anonymous said...

u are genius man!